West Swindon Parish Council

All Parish Councillors are required by law to complete a register of interests form to register:

·         their Disclosable Pecuniary Interests; and

·         the Disclosable Pecuniary Interests of their spouses or civil partners (or persons with whom they live in that  


The term pecuniary refers to something paid or given in money, or a monetary interest in something.

At the start of each Committee meeting, Councillors are asked to declare any interests that they have in any item listed on the Agenda.  These declarations are noted in the Minutes.  The Parish Council Standing Orders set out how meetings are conducted in relation to Declarations of Interest.  Standing Orders and Financial Regulations

The Register of Interests completed by West Swindon Parish Councillors are listed below:

Cllr Steph Exell

Cllr Suresh Gattapur

Cllr Nigel Gibbons

Cllr Ellen Heavens

Cllr Prakash Khaitan

Cllr Vinay Kumar

Cllr John Lenton

Cllr Tim Makofu

Cllr Mary Martin

Cllr Nick Martin

Cllr Tim Swinyard

Cllr Caryl Sydney Smith

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