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Play Area's Closed

Following the Government's announcement on Monday 23 March 2020, the Play refurbishment programme is suspended.  It will be reviewed in 21 days subject to further Government instruction.  Those play areas already under construction will be monitored but there are no plans to open them to the public at the current time.

Once we are able to re-start the play area refurbishment programme the wait will nearly be over.  There is around 8 weeks work remaining to complete the Parish Council's £240,000 investment to bring new life into seven play areas across West Swindon.  We are exited to bring these play areas back to life for the enjoyment of local children and families.  Many of the play areas also include fitness apparatus for those who are looking for more of a physical challenge.  All the play areas are hoped to be completed by the end of April.  As part of the installation, there may be some play area closures and disruption locally but we hope this will be kept to a minimum.

More detail of the play area designs are as follows:

Bloomsbury Park, Freshbrook

At Bloomsbury Park, local people told us that the toddler play area was past its best and the park is often seen to a focal point for teenagers to congregate.  Here we are giving the existing toddler play area a complete makeover and adding some fitness equipment to the area by the ball court.  We hope that teens and adults will enjoy having a new physical element to the space.

Bloomsbury Play Area

The Chesters, Westlea

At the Chesters, we are improving the play offer for children under the age 5, including toddler swings which many people told us were sadly missing locally.  We have also added some accessible play equipment and gravel pathways to assist anyone in a pushchair or wheelchair.  For those using the area as part of a running or fitness route we are adding some static fitness bars.

The Chesters Play Area
The Chesters Fitness Area

The Holbeins, Grange Park

Last year, we renovated the toddler play area at Camden Close,  a short walk from the Holbeins.  As part of this refurbishment, we will be focusing on giving the existing toddler play area a refresh of paint and bark and adding a swing.  The youth area is being added to with new fitness equipment. We hope the combination of schemes at the Holbeins and Camden Close will bring some choice and diversity for local young people and families.

The Holbeins

Nine Elms Park, Shaw

At Nine Elms Park, residents told us that the grassed play area gets very wet and muddy for many months of the year.  The traditional timber play equipment was felt to be uninspiring and lacking in imagination.  At this play area, there is a reinvestment in adding to toddler play whilst also adding some all weather footpaths and surfacing to keep the space useable all year round. There are a number of  accessible features to ensure that children with a wide range of abilities and skills can enjoy the space.

Nine Elms

Shelfinch, Toothill

At Shelfinch, families told us they wanted to see more traditional play equipment such as swings, slides and roundabouts.  The space at Shelfinch includes large mounds so we are making use of this with a tube slide.  Accessible equipment has been added too.  The ball court has always been very popular at Shelfinch, so we are improving the goal ends and adding a new tarmac surface.  This should keeps ball play alive and kicking for many years to come.


Tumpy Field, Shaw Ridge

The Parish Council has had some problems at Tumpy Field with equipment being removed due to fire damage.  It was important here to have a new design that would be robust and open whilst combining something for children of all ages.  Both the toddler area and the junior play spaces are getting a brand new look. We hope you enjoy it.

Tumpy Field

Uxbridge Road, Freshbrook

Uxbridge Road is a tiny play area originally installed for use by a small number of households.  The existing equipment is still useable but it was felt to be tired and dull.  The tarmac area can attract anti social behaviour but is often used by scooters and bikes.  Here we making some small improvements to give the play area a new look that we hope local children will make good use of.

Uxbridge Road

Site visits with our contractor are now underway and we hope to get the work starting soon.  As will all outdoor schemes, progress on installation will be weather dependent.  If you have any questions or would like to know more, please speak to your local Parish Councillor or contact the Parish Office.

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