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This year, the Parish Council is investing in four play areas.  These are upgrades at Camden Close toddler play area, Claypits youth play area (off Cartwright Drive), and Clayhill Copse with a significant refurbishment at Middleleaze play area (behind the Saltway Centre).  Work on these sites is getting underway.  Clayhill Copse is nearing completion and Camden Close and Claypits are getting started.  You will see storage containers and fencing on each site however this will be removed in the next few weeks and any damage to the grass or surrounding areas will be made good.

Once an independent play inspection has been conducted, these play areas will be reopened.

At Camden Close, the focus is on a new toddler play area.  Images below will show you the final design:

Camden Close Play Upgrade Layout

Camden Cl Visual

At Claypits play area off Cartwright Drive, the focus is on an upgrade to the youth play facilities. Images below will show you the final design

Claypits Play Area Layout

At Clayhill Copse, the focus is on a general upgrade, retaining some of the newer equipment and introducing some new features.  Some of the current equipment is staying for the time being as there is still plenty of use left in it.  These can then be replaced as single items in the future. The images below will show you the final design

Clayhill Visual

At Middleleaze, the plan is to upgrade both play areas and to bring new life into the boulder trim trail with the introduction of adult fitness equipment.  This is a large scale upgrade, and we hope you will enjoy it.  The images below will show you the final design.

Middleleaze Layout

Middleleaze Visual

Middleleaze Play and Fitness Upgrade

The designs are also on display in the Link Centre library. 

If you would like a member of the Parish Team to talk to you about the designs please contact the Parish Office.

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