West Swindon Parish Council

Camden Close

The new toddler play area was opened today ready for the Christmas holidays.  Cllr Caryl Sydney Smith, Chair of the  Parish Council's Leisure and Amenities Committee said 

'We are delighted to have the new toddler play area fully refurbished and open for local children and families to enjoy.  I'm sure it will be a great asset for Grange Park.  The refurbishment to the toddler play area is part of a programme of improvements that the Parish Council is committed to deliver over future months.  It is really important to us to improve our local areas.'

Cllr Nick Martin, Vice Chair of the Parish Council said 'It's great to see new life being brought into our play facilities.  The next play area to be upgraded is Middleleaze play area which we hope will be starting in January next year'.  

(Councillors pictured left to right  Cllr Nick Martin, Cllr Suresh Gattapur, Cllr John Lenton, Cllr Caryl Sydney Smith, Cllr Vinay Kumar.)

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