West Swindon Parish Council

Although the ground hasn’t dried yet the Grounds team have started all the grass cutting routes this week as the grass is already long in many areas.  They have every mower and gang mower on the road and will get around as quickly as possible. 

They will do all they can however it is likely that they will have to  leave areas that are too boggy until the next visit, as you know, West is often much wetter than other parts of town.  If you have any calls or complaints about grass cutting, all we can advise is that the team is now out and will be getting around as quickly as possible but it has been the wettest start to the season for many years.


The teams are also starting to apply herbicide to the shrub areas that have all had a full prune this year, these are weedy due to the extra light allowed into the base of the bed. Once treated they will have chipping applied to tidy them up through the spring and early summer.

Shaw Ridge

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