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There are many ways that you can get rid of your surplus household items, garden waste and materials that you no longer need. There is the regular doorstep recycling for paper, metal, glass, cardboard, small electrical items plus general waste in your main black wheelie bin. You can subscribe to the green waste collection service for fortnightly collections. There is also a bulky waste collection that you can read about on the following link: Swindon Bulky Items Collection Service

For other items, many people use the local tip at Cheney Manor Industrial Estate (SN2 2PN) which Swindon Borough Council offers for free to its residents.

Don't forget, you can no longer turn up at the tip whenever you want. There is a new system. Swindon Borough Council have announced further changes to start from 12.08.21. These are detailed below.

It is really important that residents use these options for their household and garden waste - the removal of waste and the volume of regular tipping across West Swindon is costing residents thousands of pounds every year.

Check-in system introduced at Swindon’s HWRC

From (12 August a new check-in system will launch at Swindon’s Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) in Cheney Manor Industrial Estate to improve customer experience and site security.

Residents will now be emailed a QR code when they book an appointment at the HWRC, which will allow them to check-in themselves when they arrive on site for their appointment.

The QR code can either be displayed on people’s phones or it can be printed out and should be scanned at the kiosk to open the automated barrier at the entrance to the site.

This is part of improvements being made by Swindon Borough Council to ensure the HWRC and the associated booking system is modern, efficient and effective.

In line with the changes, manual checks will no longer be carried out when residents arrive on site for their bookings and Swindon residents will not be required to bring a proof of address to the HWRC.

If a resident is unable to bring their QR code at their required booking slot, or they booked an appointment via the Council’s Customer Services, there will be an intercom on the kiosk that they can press and a member of staff will be able to help.

Any customers who booked their slot ahead of the changes will be sent a QR code via email, on the day of their visit.

In response to feedback from residents, the opening hours on site have been extended to accommodate more people. The HWRC is now open until 8pm every Tuesday and Thursday evening for pre-booked appointments. This means an additional 560 car and 84 van slots are now available every week.

Restrictions around the number of appointments residents can book each month have been removed and customers can cancel or amend their booking at any time via the Council’s website. By cancelling or amending slots that are no longer needed, it means these slots will be made available in real time for other residents looking to book an appointment.

People can book an appointment for the Household Waste Recycling Centre at: www.swindon.gov.uk/hwrc

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