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On Saturday 14 September,  Cllrs Simon Firth, Tim Makofu, and Trish Philpot supported volunteers with a huge clean up of the hedgerow behind Wilmot Close in the Prinnels.  This area,which backs on to Shaw Ridge Linear Park,has been a hot spot for fly tipping, rubbish dumping and general misuse for many years.  A mass of household items were pulled out of the hedgerow including six vacuum cleaners, sound system, toys, garden furniture and pots, rubble, and a mattress!  These types of items are not going to rot down, they will stay in the hedgerow for years.  Volunteers filled an entire 8 yard skip plus a dozen large bin bags of recyclables.   Hopefully now that the clean up has taken place, the area will be treated with the care and respect it deserves.

Wilmot Waste1
Wil2mot Waste
Wilmot Group photo
Wilmot skip

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