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Ref: ITT01

Title: Service Review Support


West Swindon Parish Council is a new parish council established in May 2017. It serves a population of approximately 28,000 and currently delivers devolved grounds maintenance and street cleaning services. These services are vitality important to the satisfaction and quality of life of residents living in West Swindon.  The delivery of the services forms nearly half of the Parish Council’s whole annual budget.  The current provider is Swindon Borough Council.

West Swindon Parish Council wants to engage in a longer term arrangement for the future of this service and, as a result, is seeking expert advice from an experienced consultant.  The successful contractor will assist the Council to consider how best to review its existing service delivery arrangements, to ensure that it is securing its service requirements in a way that demonstrates services are being efficiently provided by a reliable contractor, at a good price and at the standard required by the Parish Council.

The contractor should be available to start no later than 31 March 2018. Interested agents/companies are invited to tender for one or both of the options below:

Stage One:

A thorough Options Appraisal that reviews the existing provider versus options to deliver the services in a more effective and efficient way. Priorities are performance, flexibility, quality and reliability. This will include

  • an assessment of the existing provider including mapping the full range of services provided by Swindon Borough Council as part of the existing  arrangement
  • establishing current service baseline costs (including proportional costs of equipment/hire/staffing etc.)
  • producing an options appraisal report with recommendations to the Parish on potential options for the future and the models of delivery available.

Stage Two:

If the outcome of Stage One is that the Parish Council determines a set of services that will require procurement, the Council will need further technical support to ensure that the Parish Council complies with the relevant procurement legislation. Invitations to tender are invited to support the Parish Council through this second stage process to include

  • agree timescales and processes for procurement with the Parish Council
  • tendering support  to prepare, write, and distribute tender documentation
  • to produce contract notices
  • evaluate and procure new providers or other arrangements. 

It will be  a requirement that the consultant holds relevant professional indemnity insurance.  

Interested consultants are asked to submit proposals and costs for either Stage One or Stage Two (or both)


Paula Harrison, Parish Manager, West Swindon Parish Council

West Swindon Library, Link Centre, Whitehill Way, Swindon, SN5 7DL

Closing dates:

Submissions for Stage One - 28th  January 2018

Submissions for Stage Two only - 14th February 2018

For an informal conversation, please contact Paula Harrison, parishmanager@westswindon.org.uk or tel: 01793 466418.

The Parish Council will respond to applicants as follows

Stage One - by 31st January, Stage Two only by  6 March 2018

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