West Swindon Parish Council

The Ground Team

Since 2017, West Swindon Parish Council is responsible for a range of services for the benefit of residents in West Swindon. These used to be carried out by Swindon Borough Council who remains the landowner. These services are delivered by a small team employed by West Swindon Parish Council.

To understand our approach, please read our Sustainability Plan: Sustainability Plan

This includes

Public open space grass cutting in parks, play areas and public verges

Shrub bed maintenance

Hedge cutting and maintenance on an annual basis or where there is an obstruction to the public footway

Tree branches work where it can be reached with hand tools from the ground, and, only on trees that are on public open space where the branches are affecting pedestrians/cyclists (not branches overhanging private property or gardens)

Floral planting

Allotment maintenance at Blagrove

Weekly inspections and cleaning of play areas

Litter picking & general street cleaning (not road sweeping)

Emptying of litter and dog bins

Graffiti removal (low priority)

Removal of small amounts of fly-tipping on public land

Cleaning of residential road signs

Fly poster removal from public street furniture

The West Swindon Civic Parish Boundary

The West Swindon Parish was elected on 18 May 2017. The West Swindon Parish covers the area that most people would describe as West Swindon. It covers Mannington Retail Park to Toothill and Freshbrook, Blagrove to Junction 16 and Grange Park, Westlea, Eastleaze, Ramleaze, Middleleaze, Shaw and Sparcells.

West Swindon Parish Council Zone

Map of the West Swindon Civic Parish Boundary

Parish Play Areas in West Swindon

West Swindon Parish Council provides 20 play areas and a skate park across the Parish.


Bess Road (SN5 6HJ) - Toddler and youth play spaces

Bloomsbury Close (SN5 8PJ) - Toddler and youth play spaces

Camden Close Play Area (SN5 6BU) - Toddler and youth play areas

Clayhill Copse Play Area (SN5 5AL) - Toddler and youth equipment, basketball goal

Claypits Play Area (SN5 5WT) - Toddler and youth play areas

Eastleaze Field (SN5 5PU) - Primary and toddler playspace

Elm Ridge (SN5 5XN) - Neighbourhood play space

Mead Park (SN5 8QA) - Toddler and youth play area, adult fitness equipment

Middleleaze Play Area (SN5 5TQ) - Refurbished toddler and youth play areas, playing fields, youth kickabout area and adult fitness equipment

Nine Elms Park and Play Area (SN5 5UL) - Public open space and mixed play area

Oliver Close (SN5 6NP) - Neighbourhood play space

Rivermead Skate Park (SN5 7UT) - Skate park and public open space

Shaw Ridge Play Area (SN5 5QB) -Junior play area and public open space

Shelfinch Play Area (SN5 8AR) - Toddler and youth play areas and kickabout

Sparcells Play Area (SN5 5FG) - Toddler and youth play areas

The Chesters Play Area (SN5 7HX) - Mixed play areas

The Holbeins Play Area (SN5 6DW) - Mixed play areas

Tumpy Field (SN5 5SL) - Toddler play area

Uxbridge Road (SN5 8RT) - Small youth play area

Westlea Park (SN5 7BA) - Mixed play area, open space and kickabout

Whitehill Park (SN5 8JC) - Mixed play area

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