West Swindon Parish Council

Play Area's Closed
West Swindon Parish Council is responsible for a range of services that were carried out by Swindon Borough Council.

These include:

Public open space grass cutting and gang mowing

Shrub bed maintenance

Hedge cutting and maintenance

Tree branches work (using hand tools from the ground)

Floral  planting

Allotment maintenance

Weekly inspections and cleaning of play areas

Litter picking & general street cleaning ( not road sweeping)

Emptying of litter and dog bins

Graffiti removal

Removal of small amounts of fly-tipping on public land

Cleaning of road signs

Fly Poster Removal

These services are all currently being undertaken for the West Swindon Parish Council by the StreetSmart department at Swindon Borough Council.

If you see an issue that needs to be reported then you can use our Request a Service form on this website. or contact the Parish Office on 01793 466418.

If the matter requires the out of hours maintenance team, please contact StreetSmart

Tel: (01793) 445501      or email streetsmart@swindon.gov.uk

For other services delivered by Swindon Borough Council, you can contact Customer Services on Tel: (01793) 445500 or email ccustomerservices@swindon.gov.uk.

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