West Swindon Parish Council

West Swindon Parish Council has one allotment site situated behind Blagrove Industrial Estate.

Only half plots are available on this site. There are no vacancies at the current time and the waiting list is currently closed.

When the waiting list is reopened, there will be the option to join it on this page. Please come back and check in a few months time.

The Parish Council knows how popular allotments have become and we are looking at different options to support local people and families access plots.

Cllr Mike Burtenshaw is a member of the Allotments Working Party and has recently written an article to share the benefits Cllr Burtenshaw on allotments

You could also try Stoney Allotments in Pavenhill, Purton. This is a not for profit allotment organisation based a short distance from West Swindon. www.stoneya.com

Alternatively it may be worth contacting one of the other Parish Council's who have allotment sites within a short distance of West Swindon to check availability. Allotment sizes can vary between sites so it is worth looking into the detail depending on what you are looking for. Prices are generally similar.

These include

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