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Over the Autumn and Winter months 2018 to 2019, the team stops grass cutting and moves on to giving shrubs and hedges on public land an annual cut.  This work takes approximately six months and is now reaching completion.  For the remainder of the year, the team will respond to complaints where there are public access issues.

Last year, the team pruned many shrub beds very hard in order to reduce height and width that had been allowed to expand due to years of very low level maintenance.   In some areas, this will be the approach for the annual cut this year.  We know this can bring about an unexpected and dramatic change for residents in the local area, however, please be aware that the aim is to bring the green environment across West back into a more manageable state.

The Parish Council is commissioning a Biodiversity Audit of West Swindon so that future shrub maintenance takes into account steps we can take to promote and protect wildlife and natural habitats.

Please be aware that Swindon Borough Council is responsible for trees and any tree maintenance.

The shrub and hedge work planned for 2019-2020 is undertaken in the following sequence:

October to November:   Sparcells, Nine Elms, Grange Park, Peatmoor, Middleleaze

December to January: Ramleaze, Shaw, Eastleaze, Westlea

February to March:  Toothill, Freshbrook.

Please note that where work needs to be carried out by the tractor side arm machinery from grass areas, the work is done earlier in the programme to limit the damage caused by wet ground conditions.  If you have seen the team at work in your area but some shrub or hedge work appears to have been missed, please contact the Parish Office and we can check for you.

West Swindon Parish Council Office, Link Centre Library, tel: 01793 466418    email: westswindonpc@outlook.com

Lowes Close before
Lowes Close after

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