Grant Awarded to Peatmoor Angling Club

West Swindon Parish Council is pleased to announce the awarding of a grant of £633.00 to Peatmoor Angling Club enabling the club to purchase new equipment and further its mission of promoting the benefits of angling. This initiative aims to foster community engagement and encourage exploration of the beautiful Peatmoor Lagoon and its surrounding natural environment.

The grant presentation was held at Peatmoor Lake, where Parish Council Chair, Councillor Rose Llewellyn and Vice Chair Councillor Caryl Sydney Smith met with the Chair of Peatmoor Angling Club Ted Rowe, to present the new equipment. This event marks a significant step towards enhancing recreational opportunities and supporting local groups dedicated to the community’s wellbeing.

Angling is more than a pastime; it offers numerous benefits, including promoting physical health, mental relaxation, and environmental awareness. Peatmoor Angling Club has been a cornerstone in the community, providing residents with a serene and engaging way to connect with nature. The club’s activities at Peatmoor Lagoon not only support individual well-being but also enhance communal ties and encourage stewardship of the local ecosystem.

West Swindon Parish Council invites other community groups to apply for grants to support initiatives that can have a positive impact on the parish. Small grants of up to £250 are available throughout the year, with applications accepted on a rolling basis. For larger projects, grants exceeding £250 can be applied for in two rounds closing on the 15th September. Decisions on these applications are made within three weeks of the closing date.

“We are committed to supporting projects that enrich our community and enhance the quality of life for our residents,” said Councillor Rose Llewellyn. “We look forward to seeing the innovative ideas and projects that local groups will bring forward.”

To apply for a grant, please complete the application form found here and submit it as directed. 

West Swindon Parish Council (WSPC) is dedicated to serving residents by providing quality services, maintaining community spaces, and promoting a vibrant, inclusive community. Through various projects and initiatives, WSPC is committed to enhancing the quality of life for all residents.