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Dear Residents

We hope you are all keeping safe and well. It is the time of year when Spring is in the air and the Council Tax bills for 2021-22 are being delivered. We have more information available about the money that you pay to the Parish Council in your Parish precept on our Finance pages Finance and Parish precept 2021-22

Many people and families have faced real physical, practical, financial and mental health challenges during the pandemic.

Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it Advice for Getting Help

There is access to food for those in crisis, for example, Swindon Food Collective have food distribution points across Swindon: Food Distribution Points

The Parish Council is making every effort to keep our services running to ensure that your outdoor spaces are well maintained. This time of year we often hear concerns about birds and nesting season.

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 provides a range of protections for wild birds, wild animals and the countryside environment. It states that it is an offence to take, damage or destroy the nest of a wild bird whether it is in use or being built, or to take or destroy an egg of any wild bird. Whilst dates vary across species, the main period of concern is the common nesting season from 1st February to 31 August. The Parish Council grounds team understand the importance of the legislation and the vast majority of local work is completed outside of these dates. The Act does not prohibit work on hedgerows, shrubs and trees from being undertaken outside of the nesting season, however, the team must be vigilant and check that there is no evidence of nesting or nests prior to any work being initiated.

We are starting the grass cutting programme however progress will be dictated by ground conditions. Last year saw many challenges for all of us. The biggest change for the Parish Council has been to stop using an external contractor (Streetsmart) and to deliver your Parish services ourselves. You should see our staff out and about in their orange and blue uniforms. We also moved into new premises on Westmead Industrial Estate to enable us to deliver the service locally.

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We welcome volunteers and you can find out more on our community page West Swindon Community & Volunteering.

We are mindful that we are still in the pandemic and like you we will continue to follow the Government's Guidance. We have added public information about the coronavirus to our website Coronavirus and encourage all residents to take the necessary steps to stay safe and well. In line with the current Government Guidelinese our public meetings are held remotely. Details on how to ask questions or access each of the meetings are available on the published Agendas. Meetings

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More generally, we hope you will have the opportunity to enjoy the parks, play areas and open spaces again. There is guidance available for using outdoor spaces and play areas, please take care to follow the basic rules to keep yourself and your family safe Guidance

Littering and garden waste flytipping continues to be a big problem so please help us by checking you have disposed of any litter or rubbish properly. Together we can keep West Swindon looking clean and green.

If you didn't receive a Parish Summer Newsletter, you can read it here - Summer Newsletter we tried a new approach but have had problems with distribution across the whole of West Swindon.

Many of you are concerned about trees where you live. Trees remain the responsibility of Swindon Borough Council and issues relating to trees and maintenance should be reported directly to them: Swindon Borough Council.

You can make a non urgent request for service on our online form Request a Service. As said earlier, we are not able to respond to non urgent requests until the employment restrictions relating to the Coronavirus are lifted. If the matter is urgent, and relates to the Parish Council's services, you can contact the Parish team on 01793 466418.

We hope you see a difference where you live.

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Nigel Gibbons, Chair, West Swindon Parish Council


For general enquires, requests for information or meeting papers or to report grounds maintenance or street cleaning issues, please contact the Parish Office on 07470652137 email: westswindonpc@outlook.com.

To report issues relating to play areas, glass, needles or other street problems out of normal office hours,, please report to Streetsmart on 01793 445501.

In the event of fire or an emergency, please use the emergency services via 999

When it's less urgent than a 999 call, 101 is the number to call when you want to contact your local police - and 03067990019 when you want to contact the fire service.

When restrictions are lifted, the Parish Office is based in the West Swindon library in the Link Centre and is open at various times during library open hours. If you would like to meet with a member of the Parish team, this can be arranged at a time that is suitable for you.

To contact the Clerk: clerk@westswindon-pc.gov.uk tel: 07553941714

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