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West Swindon Parish Council Precept 2024/25

Running the Parish Council and its services is the same as running a small business. Like all small businesses and, indeed our residents, we have seen a significant rise in the cost of materials, tools, fuel and insurances. For example, we have added £68,850 to cover vehicle purchasing and increased lease costs. All of these costs demonstrate what it takes to deliver our services to the people of West Swindon (see infographic) .

Staffing costs have also increased. Employee pay awards are agreed at a national level and the Parish Council is legally obliged to honour any increases set. For the past two years the national pay award has been higher than was budgeted which has led to staffing costs increasing by £97,000. This increase includes contingency for this year’s pay award and also allows for one additional member of staff.

West Swindon has been lower in its Parish Council Band D equivalent charges than other larger Parishes – ranking 11th out of 16 in 23-24 despite being the third largest Parish Council in terms of outdoor space and play areas.

We are committed to delivering a quality service that benefits the whole community and our 28,000 residents.

Councillor Junab Ali


WSPC Infographic

WSPC Precept Infographic

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