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West Swindon Parish Council provides 20 play areas and a skate park across the Parish. The Parish Council has a rolling programme of refurbishment, renewal and repairs. 

If you wish to report any safety concerns, please contact our contractor Streetsmart on 01793 445501

Below is a map and a list of our play spaces, we welcome your feedback.


Bess Road (SN5 6HJ) - Toddler and youth play spaces

Bloomsbury Close (SN5 8PJ) - Toddler and youth play spaces

Camden Close Play Area (SN5 6BU) - Toddler and youth play areas

Clayhill Copse Play Area (SN5 5AL) - Toddler and youth equipment, basketball goal

Claypits Play Area (SN5 5WT) - Toddler and youth play areas

Eastleaze Field (SN5 5PU) - Primary and toddler playspace

Elm Ridge (SN5 5XN) - Neighbourhood play space

Mead Park (SN5 8QA) - Toddler and youth play area, adult fitness equipment

Middleleaze Play Area (SN5 5TQ) - Refurbished toddler and youth play areas, playing fields, youth kickabout area and adult fitness equipment

Nine Elms Park and Play Area (SN5 5UL) - Public open space and mixed play area

Oliver Close (SN5 6NP) - Neighbourhood play space

Rivermead Skate Park (SN5 7UT) - Skate park and public open space 

Shaw Ridge Play Area (SN5 5QB) -Junior play area and public open space

Shelfinch Play Area (SN5 8AR) - Toddler and youth play areas and kickabout

Sparcells Play Area (SN5 5FG) - Toddler and youth play areas

The Chesters Play Area (SN5 7HX) - Mixed play areas

The Holbeins Play Area (SN5 6DW) - Mixed play areas

Tumpy Field (SN5 5SL) - Toddler play area

Uxbridge Road (SN5 8RT) - Small youth play area

Westlea Park (SN5 7BA) - Mixed play area, open space and kickabout 

Whitehill Park (SN5 8JC) - Mixed play area

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