West Swindon Parish Council

West Swindon Parish Council is open to prospective contractors who wish to submit quotations for refurbishment projects across 7 play areas in West Swindon.  We are keen to work with one or more creative, reliable, and, cost effective partners to deliver great quality equipment and visibly improved facilities for the enjoyment of local people and children.

Relevant documents are as follows

RFQ Shelfinch Toothill

RFQ The Chesters, Westlea

RFQ Nine Elms

RFQ Tumpy Field

RFQ The Holbeins

RFQ Bloomsbury Park

RFQ Uxbridge Road

Bidding documents associated with all Requests for Quotation:

Preambles Section A

Z Clauses

Our Services page has links to the sites for all play areas in West Swindon that will offer Appendix 5 location information      Parish Play Areas in West Swindon

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